Forever proud of our history

Innovation, versatility and technicality

Founded in 1927 by Emile Bobard, our history progressed to the tune of vineyard mechanisation which, over the years, has remained the company's priority and favoured field of action. The company earned its first laurels with its Spraying solutions.

1929 : compressed air pressure device.

1936 : horse-drawn device on high-clearance pneumatic-wheeled chassis - a real innovation at the time.

Even if, in the years following World War II, the tractor began to really make its mark in agriculture, in winegrowing the horse was still ubiquitous.

At BOBARD developments continued apace, and the concepts developed in the previous years that had led to the filing of numerous patents would give rise in 1950 to the first examples of the high-clearance tractor.

1957 : After much testing and debugging, construction of an initial series of high-clearance tractors.The use of such vehicles would become standard practice in narrow plantations (row widths of 0.90 - 1.50 m) of high-density vines, in the major appellation sectors (Champagne, Bourgogne, Bordelais, Jura, Savoie, Muscadet, etc.).

In this niche market, BOBARD would quickly rise to top spot. 

1989 : Still in phase with the development of vineyard mechanisation, BOBARD would be the only manufacturer of high-clearance tractors to take a real interest in the mechanical harvesting of narrow vineyards.    
Studies begun in 1974 would culminate in the unveiling of the First Versatile High-Clearance Tractor for carrying the BOBARD harvester head.

1999 : Development of a new hydrostatic transmission range.

2001 : New generation of pickers..

2004 : Launch of the JET 6000 pneumatic spraying line.

2013 : Launch of the POLYJET spraying line.

2015 : Development of a new model, the 1080: a 3-row variable gauge tractor.

As of 31 December 2015: 19,006 units have come off our production lines.