BOBARD is the originator of the "high-clearance harvesting tractor", designed for all vineyard work and which can be fitted with a harvesting head for the grape harvest.
This innovative concept has today become commonplace, and the entire market offering now incorporates this level of versatility.
The BOBARD harvesting head remains quite particular: it was designed based on testing on the most fragile grape varieties (Merlot and Pinot) for harvesting in narrow vineyards.
This concept has enabled us to come up with a mechanical harvesting system that best preserves the harvested grapes.




Working on the vines

Tractors and equipment designed to work in harmony.

Whether for pruning, pre-pruning or chipping, BOBARD works with the OEMs in order to ensure a perfect symbiosis between High-Clearance Tractor and fitted equipment.


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Mechanical weeding has always been included in the technical specifications of BOBARD high-clearance tractors, for every model, even when chemical weeding was predominant in vineyards.

It is this perseverance that today means BOBARD is able to propose the perfect match of High-Clearance Tractor / Tool holder, ideally suited to all mechanical weeding solutions.





Spraying has always been a keen focus in the company, and the trend for localised spray equipment began more than 20 years ago.  The experience acquired and the skills developed have allowed BOBARD today to propose several spraying solutions, and in particular the Polyjet boom, which has been included by IRSTEA (French Science and Technology Institute for the Environment and Agriculture) in the list of equipment for limiting risks to aquatic environments.